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The Architectural Design and Technical Office of Buban NGU DESCO was created in 1976 by architect Emmanuel Buban NGU. From its inception, it began with work in collaboration with architect colleagues. This collaboration which is a sign of sharing and collaboration has allowed it to grow over the years. Today he is an inspiration and an example for the young entrepreneurs and Young Architects.


Since its creation in 1976, the Buban NGU DESCO goal is to actively participate in the development of Cameroon through well conducted studies and professional monitoring of works

About Buban Ngu DESCO


35+ years combined experience dealing exclusively with high profile businesses including the Government.


  • Development of urban, rural and forest spaces.
  • Technical studies.
  • Control of road works in urban and rural areas.
  • Environment

We hold official certification and possesses the necessary credentials to work in the construction industry within the country and out of the Country.

Equipped with Certified workers and boost of a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the local community, fostering a sense of national identity and promoting the development of the local construction industry.


Emmanuel Buban Ngu


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(237) 677 581 606 or ebubanngu@yahoo.fr

Our History

Superior Construction Services

1993 - 2017

Our Most Efficient Year

Long standing achievements and mastery of delegated works since 1979. Road works, Technical Assistance, ... etc...

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us

Accredited Company

Officially recognized and certifying an individual, organization, program, or institution

100% Guarantee

A 100% guarantee complete satisfaction and commitment to delivering a high-quality project.

Quality Material

We ensure durability, longevity, and structural integrity of buildings including safety, performance.

Working with the best

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